About WEL Networks

At WEL Networks we're delivering innovative energy solutions which enable our communities to thrive, and keep the lights on 24/7.

We've been serving the Waikato for 100 years, distributing power from the national grid, connecting over 160,000 people to electricity services through 89,000 installation connection points.

Based in Hamilton, we play an essential role in the region's economic and social development by identifying and investing in new technologies that will modernise our network and future-proof our region.

We developed a smart network which talks to us before you know there’s a fault; we’ve invested in Ultrafast Fibre, the company responsible for one of New Zealand's largest telecommunication infrastructure builds, we've launched Smart Services to provide data analytics to other lines companies and each year we invest around $81 million to keep our fibre and electricity network in top condition.

And that's just the beginning.

To deliver a top notch network we employ approximately 250 employees with a range of expertise; from Live Line Mechanics, Faults Technicians and Technical Planners, to in-house Health & Safety professionals, Accountants and Human Resource management.

We’re fully community-owned with WEL Energy Trust our sole shareholder.


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