WEL Electricity Discount Programme

12 Mar 2021

Local lines company WEL Networks, alongside its shareholder the WEL Energy Trust, are bringing back the WEL Electricity Discount Programme to provide further support to the Waikato community.

The discount, which will be reintroduced and paid in mid-2022, reinforces WEL’s commitment to pay 10.9 per cent of gross lines revenue up to a maximum of $12M excluding GST.

WEL Networks Chief Executive Garth Dibley says by bringing back the WEL Discount Programme it means that all WEL customers in the Waikato network are given a share of the Company’s success.

“As part of WEL’s commitment to the region’s growth, we’re constantly looking for ways to reduce the cost of electricity to the people and businesses of the Waikato. With the ongoing hardships associated with COVID-19, which has been difficult for our community in so many ways, we want to provide further support for our Waikato community and what better way to do that than by bringing back our discount programme.”

The WEL Discount programme sits alongside electricity retailer OurPower - one of WEL’s major initiatives designed to address energy hardship in the Waikato.

“OurPower works alongside community groups to provide wraparound assistance to those in hardship and we hope that, by reintroducing the WEL Discount Programme, we will be able to further help those in need," Dibley says.