Win-Win as WEL office furniture finds new home with The Waterboy

31 Jul 2020

WEL Networks office furniture being replaced as part of a facilities maintenance and improvements project, has found a new home with local charity, The Waterboy.

 The Waterboy targets Waikato youth, typically kids from lower decile schools, to introduce them to sport and all its benefits.

“We’ve just expanded our team so needed more furniture,” says The Waterboy founder, Thomas Nabbs.

“This furniture donation from WEL means we’ve saved money that can instead go directly into the impact we can make.

“So instead of that money being spent on overheads it’s going to getting sports gear, paying subs, putting on dabble days and towards our Taku Wairua programme.”

The Waterboy’s Taku Wairua programme provides youth with tools for stronger wellbeing while dabble days provide an opportunity to experience sport for the first time.

“We give kids tasters of a whole lot of different sports, including sports they may not have tried like archery and squash.

“We deliver the days in a fun, non-competitive way so there’s always music playing and we play games rather than run drills.

“We do this to change the way that sport’s introduced to kids, giving them a better first taste and affiliation with sport.

“We need our youth participating in sport – it makes them healthier both mentally and physically and gives them those intangible benefits and personal development opportunities that we need our next generation to have.

“We’ve been getting great feedback and that’s allowed us to grow our team so we can help even more kids in our community.”

Finding a new home for the furniture is not only benefiting The Waterboy, but is also benefiting WEL by aligning with its sustainability goals.

“We’ve provided The Waterboy a range of furniture from desks and partitions to filing cabinets and even an old board table,” says WEL Networks Sustainability and Business Improvement Manager, Nick Childs.

“These items were otherwise destined for landfill, so the fact they’re being re-used to help a great community cause rather than filling up our dump, really is a win-win.”

Above: WEL Networks Facilities Advisor, Trevor Hunter (left), helping The Waterboy founder, Thomas Nabbs load up his trailer with office furniture.