WEL Services is an independent contracting entity wholly owned by WEL Networks.
Our technicians are certified in network and electrical knowledge and are qualified to make technical decisions, or recommend and direct corrective measures on the network.

Our work includes:

Tree and Vegetation Trimming
We offer tree and vegetation maintenance in and around your property using a skilled team of arborists who can assist you with such management and we offer all WEL customers one free trim. We’ll provide a quote before we begin.

Cable or Service Location
If you’re planning on working on or around the WEL network you should be aware of all the cables/pipes and service lines in the vicinity. Our technicians can help prior to the start of work to prevent any undue damage and costs.

High Load management
If you're relocating a house or heavy machinery, contact us to assist you and prevent undue damage to the network. We'll make sure all conductors are lifted or temporarily removed to ensure the road is clear. Please note - this work is usually completed during the night when traffic is low.

24 hour first response and restorative second response to faults
Our first response technicians identify faults and put in place all necessary safety measures and fixes. If the fault is significant the second response team is then dispatched - for example, to assist in the replacement of a pole.

Planned or Unplanned maintenance
WEL Networks is legally responsible for the network and may dispatch our technicians at any time to conduct planned or unplanned maintenance (in case of emergency) on assets including those located on private property. They can do so without prior permission of the property owner who is required to provide access at all times.

Capital replacement or new capital works
If you require ageing or damaged/irreparable assets to be replaced or need a new asset to be installed our technicians are fully trained and licensed to do so.

Need more information on WEL Services? Call 07-850 3100 or 0800 800 935