What we do

Our role in the electricity chain is to keep the power flowing between the power generators and your place. Our crews work behind the scenes maintaining the network of power lines, poles, underground cables and technology – keeping the lights of the Waikato shining bright.

We also play an essential role in the region’s economic and social development by identifying and investing in new technologies that will enable our communities, modernise our network and future-proof our region.


There are over 200 power stations in New Zealand and five large generation companies producing the majority of our electricity. Generation companies use the power of water, wind, gas and coal to create electricity.


The national grid spreads across most of the country and is used to transport electricity from generators to the distribution networks.


WEL Networks is one of 29 distribution companies in New Zealand. We transport electricity through overhead wires and underground cables to customers.      


Power is provided to your house or property by an electricity retailer. You choose which retailer you want to use  for your power supply. They send you the bill for power you use. Understanding your power bill.


WEL Networks connects around 89,000 customers, residential and commercial to power across the Waikato.
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