External Subdivisions

Residents or businesses just outside the boundary of our network are referred to as External Sub-Divisions.

Please note: not all addresses are in the traditional WEL Networks area.


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Southgate Road
Ainwick Street (not all)
Boatyard Lane
Earlsway (not all)
Estuary Close
Jade River Place
Pulham Road
Rural View Lane
Shipwright Place
Southgate Road (not all)


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Brick Street (not all)

Mihinihi Road (not all)
Aetna Place
Hulme Place (not all)


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Compass Point Way


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Ryan Place (only units at number 17)

Athy Place
Boulderwood Place (not all)
Roscommon Road (not all)


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Aberdeen Crescent

Allerton Place
Belfry Place
Bellshill Close
Blantyre Court
Brechin Place
Carnoustie Drive (not all)
Elie Place
Girvan Terrace
Scotsmoor Drive (number 27 only)
Stranraer Crescent
Turnberry Drive


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Alba Place
Burr Street
Damio Place
Durmast Court
Lucombe Place
Mirbeck Avenue
Oaklands Drive
Pinoak Place
Soma Place
Walter Court


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Artisan Place

Askerne Drive
Beatrice Place
Beggs Way
Bendemeer Place
Beros Place
Bilancia Place
Birchlands Road
Birkerton Way
Brancott Place
Briar Vale Place
Broberg Lane
Chard Place
Chateau Rise
Concepts Way
Fairhill Place
Gibbston Crescent
Hawkdun Drive
Jeffs Road (not all)
Jeffs Road North (not all)
Kaitune Drive
Kenley Heights
Kouras Place
Le Burn Crescent
Manchester Drive
Mandival Avenue
Manning Rise
Mazuran Place
Mebis Way
Melness Place
Mission Heights Drive
Muirlea Drive
Murphy Road
Norwood Drive
Packspur Drive (not all)
Seresin Crescent
Sileni Place
Soljans Place
Solstone Place
Woolaston Place
Vidal Way
Vin Alto Drive


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Hakawai Avenue
Kuaka Drive
Mohua Avenue
Pipipi Crescent
Poaka Avenue
Popokatea Avenue
Porchester Road (not all)
Puweto Avenue
Tara Piroe Avenue
Tawaki Avenue