High load application

Note: Use this form to apply for a high load consent if you’re moving any load over five metres under power lines. Please allow at least five working days for approval.  Please click here for the WEL network boundary.

Date of application Name of company* Address of company* City/Town*    Postcode Email Address* Name of Contact First Name*    Last Name* Telephone Number* Day /  Night Mobile /  Other

Load details

Date of load* Ref/order number* Start time in WEL area* Finish time in WEL area* What will you be transporting?* How high is the load?* Where will the load leave from?* Where will the load be delivered?* What route will you take? (please include all streets and roads)* Name of pilot* Mobile number of pilot* Any questions or comments
Acceptance of high load application is subject to the following conditions
  1. The issue of a high load permit by WEL Networks does not exempt the holder from liability for any damage caused by the load, whether it is escorted or not
  2. All due care must be taken, whether escorted or not
  3. Any damaged or broken lines MUST be reported to the WEL Networks call centre immediately. Failure to do so could result in refusal of further permits.
*Compulsory Field