Tree trimming consent

Note: Fill in this form if you have received a notification from WEL Networks, or if you’d like to apply for consent to trim trees near powerlines.

WEL Networks require a Tree Trimming/Removal Request to be submitted for any tree work. Upon completion of this form a WEL Networks representative will be in touch with you within five working days.

Physical location of trees to be trimmed* City/Town*    Postcode I own this property I do not own this property Title First Name*    Last Name* Telephone Number* Day /  Night Mobile Postal address (if different to the above) City/Town    Postcode Email Address*

Tree trimming options

I accept the offer of a first trim free and understand it will be my responsibility to maintain the trees outside the growth limit zone in future OR I agree to have the tree/s felled for free If possible, I would like to keep the trimmings as Mulch Wood Any questions or comments
*Compulsory Field