Tree trimming consent

Note: Fill in this form if you have received a notification from WEL Networks, or if you’d like to apply for consent to trim trees near powerlines.

Once we receive your form we will be in touch.

Please type your reference no. from your notification letter I own this property I do not own this property Title First Name*    Last Name* Telephone Number* Day /  Night Mobile Physical location of trees to be trimmed* City/Town*    Postcode Postal address (if different to the above) City/Town    Postcode Email Address*

Tree trimming options

I accept the offer of a first trim free and understand it will be my responsibility to maintain the trees outside the growth limit zone in future OR I agree to have the tree/s felled for free If possible, I would like to keep the trimmings as Mulch Wood Any questions or comments
*Compulsory Field