Corporate & Community

While we may be better known as Waikato’s Electricity Network company, WEL’s job is to also help build the essential services our country needs today - and for generations to come.

We see opportunities to use our skills, technologies and thinking to help build essential services through the rest of New Zealand. However, this will  never be done at the expense of our owners, the people of the Waikato.

Ours skills as a local electricity network company give us a great opportunity to develop into a world-class asset management company. Ultimately we would like to become a high-performer across multiple utilities, not just electricity.

In the Waikato we successfully hold line charges below the industry average, reducing living costs for the communities we work within and giving local businesses an economic edge.

WEL Networks has already earned the right to partner with the Crown in rolling out Ultrafast Broadband through parts of the North Island and we’re in the process of transforming our entire network into a world-class ‘smart network’.  

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This year WEL Networks is distributing $20 million into the community through the WEL Networks discount.

Make sure to check your April and May power bill to ensure you receive your credit.