The Environment

As a business, we're here for the long haul. So apart from keeping the energy flowing strong and safe, we know we are responsible for protecting our environment and preserving our natural resources.  We're playing our part in helping achieve the national target of 90% renewable energy generation by 2025. Our people are encouraged to think, plan and act in ways that favour the environment - both in the short term and for generations to come.

Here's how we do it:

  • We operate our businesses safely and as good stewards of the environment.  If it is not safe, we will not do it. This applies to the health and safety of our staff and the community
  • We strive to limit possible impact on the surrounding environment by ensuring environmental management is a key component of our operational and network development strategy
  • We recognise the importance of our environmental, social, cultural and economic responsibilities to the communities in which we operate.
  • We will comply with environmental regulations and serve as guardians of our natural resources and environment
  • We build concern for the environment and sustainability into everything we do, including working with the community and local authorities to consider their sustainability values
  • We integrate sustainability across the company, including business processes, products and day-to-day decision-making.





This year WEL Networks is distributing $20 million into the community through the WEL Networks discount.

Make sure to check your April and May power bill to ensure you receive your credit.