Ultrafast Fibre

WEL Networks is focused on preparing the Waikato for the future by creating smart, robust infrastructure and networks that will deliver essential services to the Waikato.

The rollout of ultrafast broadband is the largest and most complex network build undertaken in New Zealand in the last 50 years.

We partnered with Waipa Networks and the Crown (previous shareholders of Ultrafast Fibre) to build a new ultra-fast broadband network in many parts of the Central North Island.

Through Ultrafast Fibre Ltd we're connecting the Waikato, as well as communities in Taranaki and Bay of Plenty, by taking ultra-fast broadband past 163,000 addresses in central New Zealand and enabling our leading companies to deliver on the world stage.

Ultrafast Fibre's 3,000km fibre network will allow Waikato individuals and businesses to connect to a new generation of broadband improving the way we communicate, work and play in the online space.



This year WEL Networks is distributing $20 million into the community through the WEL Networks discount.

Make sure to check your April and May power bill to ensure you receive your credit.