Keeping you safe

Here's how you can keep yourself and your family safe around power

Doing DIY? Before you start any excavation work like digging trenches, laying a driveway or erecting a fence check for underground cables.

Towing the boat or moving machinery around the farm? Always check the height of your load.

Unruly trees around power lines? Don't trim them yourself - call the professionals

As our network and technologies evolve we strive for even better safety practices, investing heavily in safety training, equipment and community education. View our Safety Guidelines.

Useful safety websites

Public Safety Management System

WEL Networks is certified to the standard NZS 7901:2008 Electricity & Gas Industries – Safety Management Systems for Public Safety.

Under this standard we systematically identify hazards associated with electricity distribution operations that may present a risk of harm to the public, or damage to property. We then assess the risk associated with each hazard for its likelihood and level of severity.

Next we ensure all practicable steps (or ‘control measures’) are in place, in proportion to the assessed risk level, to eliminate, isolate or minimise each hazard throughout the life cycle of the asset.

Our Public Safety Management System is fully documented and its performance regularly monitored in order to demonstrate that the levels of public and property safety are improving over time. It is audited annually by an accredited Certification Body and we must submit a statutory declaration of compliance to the Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Development every 3 years.

Working on our network? Here's our standard terms and conditions.




This year WEL Networks is distributing $20 million into the community through the WEL Networks discount.

Make sure to check your April and May power bill to ensure you receive your credit.