Prior to any excavation work being undertaken, you’re required to get service plan information from WEL. Service plans give a good indication of the existing local underground WEL cables and empty (spare) service ducts. They also aid with subsequent cable location (on site tracing) by a locator.
For major projects an early approach to WEL is recommend as early identification of existing underground services can have an impact on the project. Call us on 0800 800 935 (option 3) or email to request services plans.
WEL also encompasses a Fibre Optic network for its substation control and protection systems. Details of this network are also provided on service plans and should be treated with the same care as electrical cables. As with electricity cables, fibre optic cables may be direct buried or installed in (typically orange or salmon ducting).

For help with reading service plans please click here .
WEL’s subsidiary, Ultra Fast Fibre (UFF) also operates a fibre optic network in and around Hamilton City. They are usually installed in red ducts and again should be treated with the care as all other services.

For the Ultra Fast Fibre plans please phone Before U Dig 0800 248 344.

WEL requires two working days to complete and send service plans to you.



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