Get Connected

Currently WEL Networks is facing unprecedented demand from our customers for new connections, subdivisions, relocation requests and connection upgrades.  We strongly recommend that if you require one of our services, please commence the application process as quickly as possible and we will make every effort to meet your requests. If we are not meeting your expectations, please contact us.

If you're building, changing the electrical load on an existing site or wanting to relocate an existing power connection you'll need to make an online application request to WEL Networks.

You'll also need to do this if you want to:

  • Subdivide
  • Change your connection from overhead to underground
  • Arrange for a builder’s temporary supply
  • Change a temporary supply to permanent

To get started choose the option below that best describes what you'll be doing. You can also check you are in the WEL Networks supply area here and find a retailer here.

If you are generating energy via alternative sources - for example photovoltaic (solar panels), micro wind (turbines), gas, diesel and biomass (vegetation) - distributed generation allows you to connect to, and input any surplus power into the WEL network. This can be used for commercial distribution. Learn more here.