Smart Meters at a glance

We've been working behind the scenes on new technologies that will ultimately put customers in the driver’s seat when it comes to controlling their energy use and reducing power costs.

Our Smart Network project in the Waikato region is now largely complete with 58,000 smart boxes installed.

We have started to integrate the information received from the smart boxes into our asset management decision making processes and we're developing a smart network that enables better customer quality and network utilisation.

These boxes regularly send information back to WEL so we can understand how customers are using energy and make adjustments to the way we supply it. 

At the same time, a new two-way communications system lets us see, monitor and manage every area of the network electronically.

The benefits of installing a Smart Meter

  • Smarter supply: Your smart box sends detailed information back to WEL Networks regularly. This gives us a clear picture of how much power is being used and flags any network related problems.
  • Faults fixed faster: With visibility of the network we can find, diagnose and fix faults faster (often without an on-the-spot visit).
  • Prevent faults: We can see power spikes and dimming, find and fix problems before they occur
  • Cost control in the future: Over time, if you choose we'll be able to share your electricity usage information with you so you can take control of energy savings. 
  • Lower power costs in the long term: By investing in new and innovative technology  we're creating new efficiencies that will reduce the cost of operating the network long-term. These costs will ultimately be passed on to you, our customer.


We understand there are concerns regarding the use of smart meters.

Independent research from the University of Canterbury and an independent review we commissioned have conformed that smartbox signals pose minimal risk to health with emissions that are one hundred times weaker than cell phones.