Changes in legislation required all electricity generation and network companies to implement and maintain a Safety Management System for public safety by 1st April 2012. We are certified to the standard NZS 7901:2008 Electricity & Gas Industries – Safety Management Systems for Public Safety.

Under this standard WEL will:

  • Systematically identify the hazards associated with its electricity distribution operations that present a risk of harm to the public or damage to property. 
  • Assess the risk associated with each hazard for its likelihood and level of severity.
  • Ensure all control measures are in place, in proportion to the assessed risk level to eliminate or minimise each hazard throughout the life cycle of the asset.

Our Public Safety Management System is fully documented and its performance regularly monitored in order to demonstrate that the levels of public and property safety are improving over time. It is audited annually by an accredited Certification Body and we must submit a statutory declaration of compliance to MBIE every 3 years.