WEL Networks Sustainability Statement 2020

WEL Networks (WEL) is an electricity distribution business fully community owned by the WEL Energy Trust.

The Management and Board of WEL Networks are committed to running the business in a way that is sustainable and embraces the principles of corporate social responsibility because this is the right thing to do for our staff, our community, our shareholder and our environment.

The wellbeing of our staff and our community is of upmost importance to us. We demonstrate this through ensuring strong safety performance, being a good employer and providing reliable and low cost electricity to our community.

WEL recognises that the business of network operation and maintenance relies on a vehicle fleet of trucks, utes and cars to service the network geographic area and the corporate offices. The network contains distributed electrical monitoring and control systems at numerous locations across the region. Consequently WEL is an emissions intensive organisation.

Throughout its operations, WEL strives to be an environmentally responsible organisation. This year we have initiated a series of sustainability initiatives to measure and respond to our environmental responsibilities.

Statement of Intent 

WEL acknowledges that sustainable business practices are fundamental to our future. We strive to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and embrace initiatives to protect our consumers and reduce energy hardship within our community. WEL operates a diverse and inclusive workplace and actively supports the wellbeing of its employees.


  • WEL recognises that protecting the environment today is essential to the creation of a sustainable business future
  • We seek to reduce our impact on the environment over time through the investigation, and where appropriate, the delivery of sustainability initiatives
  • Greenhouse gas emissions will be measured, verified and managed through Toitū carbonreduce certification by Toitū Envirocare*
  • WEL is committed to reducing its relative greenhouse gas footprint
  • We ensure our staff go home safely every day and that our network assets are operated and maintained with public safety as the top priority
  • We strive to be an employer of choice offering a great place to work where employees are valued and supported

*Toitū carbonreduce certification 

WEL became a CEMARS certified organisation in 2019. Following a rebrand this is now called Toitū carbonreduce certification. WEL believes that the Toitū carbonreduce certification is a positive step towards reducing the company's greenhouse has emissions and it will encourage staff and contractors to make environmentally responsible decisions every day.

Certification ensures that we measure our greenhouse gas emissions and create plans to manage the emission profile. 2018-2019 was the base year profile for greenhouse gas emissions at WEL, with figures validated and certified to the International Standard ISO 14046-1:2006. Compliance with the programme is independently verified annually to maintain certification.