Ko wai mātou

What we do

Across the Waikato, we deliver innovative and sustainable energy solutions which enable our communities to thrive.

With over 100,000 households and businesses connecting to our electricity services, we’ve been playing an essential role in the economic and social development of our communities for over 100 years.

Key to this economic and social development are strong partnerships and innovation which see us explore new ways of providing critical infrastructure and services to ensure our customers receive affordable, reliable, fairly priced and environmentally sustainable energy.

WEL Networks is part of the WEL Group along with Infratec and We.EV.

A snapshot of the WEL Group

  • WEL Networks and its subsidiaries (WEL Group) builds, owns and operates nearly $800M worth of electricity network infrastructure.

  • WEL Group is 100% owned by the community through our sole shareholder the WEL Energy Trust. WEL Energy Trust was formed in 1993 for the purpose of holding shares in the lines company, WEL Energy Group. The Trust is governed by a board of up to seven trustees, who are elected every three years.

  • Over 350 people with a range of skills work across the Group to deliver electricity services to our communities.

  • WEL Networks connects more than 100,000 residential properties, small businesses and nearly 1,000 commercial/industrial sites to a power supply within our network area.

  • WEL Networks maintains over 7,000 kilometres of lines - around 48% are overhead and 52% are underground. This includes low voltage service lines but excludes street lighting pilots, fibre and communications lines.

  • Around 70,000 homes and businesses in our area currently have one of our smart meters installed which gives us valuable insights into power consumption patterns and low voltage activity.

  • Over the next decade we’re planning to spend almost $250M on network development projects to support the current and projected growth within our network.