Electric Vehicles

With interest in electric vehicles growing, we wanted to understand the effects that charging these vehicles will have on our network. So we've added two electric cars to our vehicle fleet and installed fast-chargers at strategic sites across the region.

The WEL Networks fast charger takes around 20 minutes to ‘fill’ your vehicle to 80% (compared to a standard charger which takes around four hours). 

Our chargers are free for public use and can be found at these sites around Waikato:

With over 4,000 electric vehicles and hybrids on New Zealand roads currently, we're confident the installation of more units in the Waikato will encourage the uptake of electric vehicles across New Zealand. Learn more here.

Take a moment to read the Terms and Conditions of using the WEL Networks electric vehicle fast chargers or download a copy of "Information on the EV Rapid Charger" brochure here.

Experiencing issues with our charging units? Please report the problem to 0800 800 935.