Street Lighting

Want to connect new street lighting onto the WEL network? Here are some things you should know:

  • The street light installation itself is not a WEL asset, however it must have WEL approval before being connected to WEL’s network for livening.

  • WEL owns the street light cabling up to the point of connection.

  • There are two types of street lighting applications:

    • New Subdivision Street Lighting - This relates to new subdivisions where there is no existing street lighting in place.

    • Bucket ICP Street Lighting - These requests normally relate to councils, where street light infrastructure already exists and the request is to add additional street lights to WEL’s network. These types of applications are to be submitted under an increase load application.

  • Before livening the installation, the street lights must be inspected (at the applicant’s expense) and the appropriate certification provided to WEL, e.g. Certificate of Compliance (CoC), or Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC), Record of Inspection (RoI) and As-Built documentation for updating WEL’s Geographic Information System (GIS).

Before starting your new street lighting application please read WEL’s Network Connection Standard and make sure you have the following details handy:

  • 1

    The site address details and if possible your Lot and/or DP number.

  • 2

    Details of your nominated electricity retailer. 

  • 3

    The name and contact details of your electrical contractor and/or designer (if applicable).

  • 4

    Applicant contact details.

  • 5

    The contact details of the person responsible for paying for the electrical connection.

  • 6

    Your electrical requirements (number of phases, fuse size, controlled load and nominated capacity).

  • 7

    A Streetlight Reticulation Plan (that complies with WEL's Network Connection Standards), along with your load profile.

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