Temporary to Permanent Connection - Commercial 

Want to change your temporary commercial connection to permanent?

Before starting your application please read WEL’s Network Connection Standard and make sure you have the following details handy:

  • 1

    The site address details and if possible your Lot and/or DP number.

  • 2

    Details of your nominated electricity retailer. 

  • 3

    The name and contact details of your electrical contractor.

  • 4

    The contact details of the property owner.

  • 5

    The contact details of the person responsible for paying for the electrical connection.

  • 6

    Your electrical requirements for a commercial connection (number of phases, fuse size, controlled load, nominated capacity and load profile details). If you have it, a site plan should also be provided. Your electrician can provide these details.

Choose an electricity retailer

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  • Yes, we do require a separate application to make a temporary commercial connection permanent.

    This is so we can ensure we meet our Electricity Authority obligations and because both the retailer owning the ICP and WEL Networks must agree to the change. This change will affect the demand on our network which must be reviewed and will also affect the network pricing for the ICP.

  • All goods and services and WEL equipment supplied by us are supplied on the basis of the quote together with these terms and conditions.