Schedule a Physical Connection

Approved connection booking request

PLEASE READ THIS DESCRIPTION BEFORE FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW This form is used to request a booking date for the physical connection of a mains cable onto the WEL Network. You must have already applied for and been granted approval for a connection onto the WEL Network. If not, please choose a connection type and work through the Get Connected steps first before filling out this request form. To complete a physical connection, the service cables must be made off at the mains switch, run underground all the way to the boundary edge, with enough length remaining to reach the connection point. If any digging outside the boundary needs to be done by WEL and is greater than 2m, or not in soil, please contact us to discuss.

WEL Networks will contact you to confirm date availability, schedule permitting
eg. temp, perm, temp to perm
The pillar number/pole number/ transformer number that the service cable has been run to

If so please specify in detail
eg. 1ph, 63a
eg. 16mm, Neutral Screen


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