We're here to help with your energy requirements for new projects.

We have a dedicated team at WEL that looks after our customer projects; including subdivisions, new commercial connections, changes to existing connections, upgrades and downgrades.

Connection FAQs

  • Submitting your application online ensures the process is more efficient for you, the customer, because we’ll have all the information required before we begin.

  • Yes. Call the WEL Customer Services Team on 0800 800 935. They will direct any questions you may have to the appropriate team prior to you completing your online application.

  • We'll work with you to develop a design and price that is unique for your project. This will involve specialist work by WEL Design Engineers so a non-refundable application deposit may be required before a design and fixed-price quote is provided.

    Usually we don't charge an application fee for standard installations. For non-standard installations which require payment of an application fee, we'll deduct this fee in the fixed-price quote.

  • There are many aspects that affect the price you pay for the installation.

    • Standard versus non-standard connection
    • Cost of the works required to connect you to our network
    • Size or capacity of supply (fuse size, transformer size, estimated consumption)
    • Amount of civil works you are able to provide
    • Compliance costs (i.e. consents, road opening notices, traffic management)
  • If WEL needs to put equipment on private land, an easement may be needed to protect both the landowner and WEL. If WEL’s network equipment is on land which changes ownership or usage (e.g. becomes a subdivision), there may need to be an easement agreement.

  • No, all equipment that is used to construct WEL’s network will be provided by WEL or WEL's contractors.

  • You may use your own providers only on the service lines which are located inside the boundary of your property. However, WEL is legally responsible for the design and construction of the network.

    We invest millions of dollars in creating and maintaining a safe, secure network, so equipment needs to be installed to the highest standard. We require installation contractors to be certified to work on our network and that any equipment is recorded correctly on our network plans and control systems.

  • Some of the equipment will be owned by you and some by WEL. You own that part of the service line which is located inside the boundary of your property.

    WEL owns that part of the service line which is located outside the boundary of your property. Where there are any unformed (or "paper") roads between the boundary of your property and the nearest public (or "formed") road maintained by the local district council, you own the service line to the point where it reaches the public road.

    Any transformer which we have installed on your property, and which is connected to our network, is owned by us (unless we have specifically agreed that you or someone else owns this but this is not normally the case). You must pay for any repairs or alterations to your assets (service lines): These repairs can be done by WEL Networks or by other qualified contractors.

    Read more about who owns what.