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About Solar/Distributed Generation

Solar panels are an increasingly common way to generate your own power. There are also other ways to generate your own power via alternative sources and these include wind, batteries, gas, diesel and biomass (vegetation).

We use the term Distributed Generation (DG) to refer to these types of alternative energy generation sources that aren’t your traditional power station, and that can be fed back into WEL's network.

If you plan to generate your own power from one of these alternative sources and use it all yourself, you won’t need to connect to the WEL network. However, if you plan to generate more power than you’ll use yourself and sell the surplus back to your electricity retailer, you'll need to connect to the WEL network.

Getting a Distributed Generation connection

We offer two types of Distributed Generation (DG) connection to the WEL network:

  • 10kW or less – usually this connection type applies to residential properties.
  • Above 10kW - usually this connection type applies to commercial and industrial properties, and utility installations.

Read WEL's Network Connection Standard and then choose the connection type you want below to find out more and apply for a DG connection.

DG connection of 10kW or less


DG connection above 10kW


Electricity Industry Code

At WEL we manage Distributed Generation connections in accordance with Part 6 of the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010.

Read Part 6 of the Code

Commercial/Industrial Solar

Interested in commercial or industrial roof top solar installation? We can help!

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