FAQs for a DG connection of 10kW or less

  • You must ensure your equipment and its installation complies with WEL's Connection Standard. Generally, the company providing or installing the equipment will oversee this process.

    Section 2.6 of WEL's Network Connection Standard outlines our connection standard for Distributed Generation.

    Inverters used to connect energy systems to WEL's network must comply with AS/NZS4777.2:2020 and AS/NZS4777.1:2016. You can check your inverter compliance here.

    We prioritise safety at WEL Networks and any systems that do not meet standard will not be connected and any connected systems that subsequently compromise network safety may be disconnected.

  • The charge for processing your application is $100 excluding GST. We will send out an invoice once we have received your application form.

    We may also charge you if we need to inspect your proposed installation as part of the application process.

  • Once your DG connection application form has been submitted and the application fee subsequently paid, we will then review your application.

    Reviewing and approving an application usually takes up to 10 working days and we will let you know within five working days of receiving your application, if we need any more information. If for some reason we are unable to approve your application, we’ll get in touch to discuss this with you.

    Once your application has been approved it will be passed along to your electrician and electricity retailer, who will work with you to progress your connection.

  • The application form must be signed by the party seeking to become the distributed generator i.e. the holder of the ICP and not the installer.

    However the application requires technical knowledge and we recommend that you consult with the installer and your electrician so they can help you complete the form below. 

Distributed Generation Connection Application Form for Generators of 10kW or less

Installation Details

This form complies with the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010, Part 6 (Connection of Distributed Generation) and constitutes an initial application for connection in accordance with Schedule 6.1, Part 1, Clause 2 or Part 1A, Clause 9B. Any approved connection shall comply with WEL's connection and operation policies and the terms will be negotiated with WEL prior to connection. The customer connection and ICP (installation control point) associated with any approved DG connection is subject to WEL’s Distributed Generation Price Category.

(if switching)
Customer and Installation Address
Agent Details (if applicable)
Electrician or Electrical Contractor
Generator Details
Inverter Details

Customer Declaration & Acceptance

This application form must be named and dated by the party seeking to become the Distributed Generator, i.e. the holder of the ICP and not the installer. I hereby apply to connect a Distributed Generator to the WEL network and confirm that the above information is correct and that the Generator shall at all times be operated in accordance with all WEL connection and operational standards, including arranging with my electricity retailer for import/export metering to be installed in line with WEL’s standards and the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010, Part 10 – Metering. I confirm that I will not connect any generation until I have received written approval from WEL and must provide post installation documentation within 10 business days of connection. I agree to WEL notifying the nominated energy retailer of the approved DG connection including the new price category that will apply. I agree to pay the DG application fee and any other processing fees that may apply, to WEL Networks.

Congestion Management

Important DG information for network faults and the management of congestion

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