Complaints Process


WEL Networks offers a free in-house complaints service. Once we have received a formal complaint we will investigate and endeavour to resolve the problem with you.

If we receive a complaint WEL will:

  • Acknowledge the complaint within two working days, either in writing or orally if over the phone.
  • Keep you updated on the progress within the first seven working days if we haven't already resolved your complaint.
  • Endeavour to resolve your complaint within 20 working days. If we can't we will provide you with a good reason to extend the investigation by a further 20 working days.
  • If your complaint is more appropriately dealt with by another party such as your electricity retailer, we may refer your complaint to that company on your behalf. We will notify you that we have referred your complaint on and provide you with the relevant name and contact details.

You can contact us in any of the following ways:

Email us at:

Call us on: (07) 850 3103 or 0800 800 935 (press 4)

In writing to: Customer Feedback, PO Box 925, Hamilton

If you have energy service or pricing complaints please contact your retailer.


While we will do our best to resolve your issue:

  • You may not be satisfied with how your complaint has been handled; or
  • We may not have resolved your complaint within 20 working days; or
  • You may not be happy with any proposed resolution or stance.

In that event you may be entitled to or decide to take this matter to Utilities Disputes Ltd, which is a free and independent service.

WEL Networks Limited is a member of the Utilities Disputes Scheme.


The Commissioner can be contacted at:

Utilities Disputes Ltd

Freepost 192682
PO BOX 5875
Lambton Quay

Phone: 0800 22 33 40
Fax:      0800 22 33 47