Helicopter To Survey Local Power Network

WEL Networks will commence an aerial survey of their network this month. This will involve a helicopter scanning the top of power poles on the overhead electricity network.

The information gathered will highlight areas requiring maintenance or replacement, including any potential safety issues, damaged or aging equipment or trees encroaching on lines. The aim is to keep the public safe by rectifying any issues before they cause problems including power outages.

The areas being surveyed are those that are difficult to assess and access from the ground for maintenance, fault restoration and response. This includes a large portion of WEL’s network including Raglan, Huntly, Taupiri, Maramarua, Waiterimu and Meremere.

WEL Networks General Manager Asset Management Mat O’Neill says the survey is an essential tool for WEL to identify and remedy any potential issues to the power supply to maintain reliability of its network.

“The survey work includes taking a high-resolution image of the top of power poles so thorough assessments can be made of the equipment. We’re advising the public that there will be a low flying helicopter in the region operating fully within Civil Aviation Authority guidelines.

“Please be aware of this activity when it comes to your animals and livestock, and in particular horses.  You may wish to take precautionary action if they are likely to be spooked, such as moving them away from paddocks near network power lines and/or moving them to a more secure location,” he says.

The work will begin on the 16th of March 2022 and will be completed by the 30th of March, weather and Covid-19 restrictions dependent.

When the flight plans are lodged, we will include the information below. Please note that locations and dates may change due to weather conditions and Covid-19 restrictions.

To view the area map click here.