Network Visibility Increases with Industry First 5-Minute Data Deployment

In an industry-leading first, WEL Networks has successfully deployed 5-minute data across its Low Voltage (LV) network of 68,600 smart meters.

This is the first network-wide deployment of 5-minute data in New Zealand which marks a significant milestone for the Waikato-based Electricity Distributor.

WEL Networks General Manager Asset Management Mat O’Neill says the collection of 5-minute data will allow network enhancement and alleviate constraints while optimising network investment to ultimately reduce the cost to customers.

“After an extensive amount of system fine-tuning, we have achieved the collection of 5-minute operational data at 15-minute intervals with a 99.5% success rate. This milestone will enable our LV network visibility strategy, as we continue to build towards a network transformation Distribution System Operator (DSO) model. The goal has always been to get to this point,” he says.

The network-wide 5-minute data deployment has stemmed from the completion of an advanced smart meter data collection project on the WEL smart meter fleet. The project involved new system installations, headend upgrade, meter profile development and a new data collection system.

“This gives us the ability to provide a greater service to our customers, by improving the safety of the network and the ability for customers to leverage their investment in renewable energy or electric vehicles while ensuring the reliability and availability of electricity.

“We are able to now build products from the 5-minute data which also provides greater visibility of what’s happening on our network, while improving safety, network management and quality of service. This data collection also enables WEL to manage the growth in the network in a more effective and efficient manner, resulting in savings for the customer,” he says.

In another industry-leading first, WEL Networks was the first network company in New Zealand to install network-owned smart meters 10 years ago.

“By adding to our existing investment (smart meters), this will give us more granularity of network data. By implementing this change from 30 minute to 5-minute data, we’re positioning ourselves to take opportunities of the network of the future which will enable us to continue to power our communities; address energy hardship, and provide a strong, safe, efficient and reliable supply of electricity for the benefit of our customers,” he says.


For more information: Samantha McPherson | WEL Networks Communications Business Partner | 021 198 1093 |