The WEL Networks Electricity Discount Is Here

This year, we’re giving a total of $12M (excluding GST) back to our customers. The discount was reintroduced last year to provide further support to the Waikato community.

The discount will show as a credit on customers April or May power account, regardless of which retailer electricity is purchased from. The actual discount amount will depend on how much electricity customers have used over the past 12 months (1 March 2021 – 28 February 2022) so it’s likely to vary between neighbours and addresses.

If customers can’t see the discount applied as a credit on their April or May power bill account they should contact their power retailer.

WEL Networks does not pay the discount by cash or cheque, it is only available as a credit on your power account from your electricity retailer.

The WEL Discount programme sits alongside electricity retailer OurPower - one of WEL’s major initiatives designed to address energy hardship in the Waikato.

For further information about the WEL electricity discount programme click here.