Debt Process


Any amount you owe is payable in full. Where applicable WEL Networks does not charge interest on an amount owing when the balance is paid in full.
Paying straight away and in full helps you avoid debt collection penalties, interest, and other legal and financial consequences.

The quickest and easiest way to pay your debt is through your online banking service, just as you would pay your power or phone bill.

  • Electronic Payment - ASB Hamilton 12-3113-0001775-00

Or you can make payment by mailing a cheque to:WEL Networks, PO Box 925, Hamilton 3240

As a reference please include your customer number from your account.

If you cannot pay the full amount you owe, payment options can be arranged. Please contact the Credit Controller at WEL Networks on 07 850 3100 to discuss the options.

If you fail to make the agreed payments or don't keep your account up to date, we may cancel the arrangement and take legal action to recover any outstanding amount.

What if I doN'T pay an OUTSTANDING AMOUNT?

If you do not pay your debt in full and on time the debt is handed to a debt collection agency. If this is ignored then Court proceedings will commence. If you have any questions please contact our Credit Controller on 07 850 3100.