WEL makes every effort to minimise disruption when planning work on our network, however outages ensure work can be completed safely by our crews.

We provide planned outage information to electricity retailers and the retailers notify their affected customers. In some cases, WEL will notify any affected customers by delivering letters directly to the affected premises.

Medically dependent customers should ensure backup plans are in place to handle electricity outages.

If you need power during an outage you should contact an electrician or generator hire company to arrange temporary generation. This service will be at your cost. Please also advise us if you intend to use a generator during an outage so that we can inform our field staff.

Once we have completed our work we may need to carry out electrical testing on your meter board. If we do need to test and your meter board is electrically unsafe and/or not readily accessible, this may delay the restoration of power to your premises.

If you have concerns about the safety of your electrical installation, please contact an electrician. This service will be at your cost.

If our work is completed ahead of schedule, power may be restored earlier than the stated time. Therefore always treat power lines and electrical equipment as live at all times.

In the case of extreme weather conditions or network faults, an outage may be rescheduled.


Unplanned power outages can occur at any time.
To report an unplanned outage or network damage, please call WEL on 0800 800 935.

You can prepare for an outage or storm event by:

  • Charging cell phones and any battery powered devices and checking your emergency preparedness kit including torches and batteries.
  • Knowing how to manually open and close your electric garage door or electric gate.
  • Keeping your car’s gas tank full, as gas stations rely on electricity to power their pumps.
  • Checking your BBQ gas bottle and refilling if necessary, so you’re able to cook and boil water.
  • If you’re on a water pump, store water for drinking and to flush toilets.
  • Consider using surge protectors for electronic equipment.

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