Distributed Generation

What is distributed generation?

If you are generating energy via alternative sources - for example photovoltaic (solar panels), micro wind (turbines), gas, diesel and biomass (vegetation) - distributed generation allows you to connect to, and input any surplus power into the the WEL Network. This can be used for commercial distribution.

Distributed Generation connections of 10 KW AND LESS

There are currently no application fees for distributed generation connections of less than 10kW.
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Congestion occurs when localised oversupply of power into the network has the potential to create reversed power flows impacting safety and power quality.

All areas of the WEL network are currently considered uncongested.

WEL Networks' policies and procedures regarding the application for, installation and connection of distributed generation are in accordance with the requirements of Part 6 of the Electricity Industry Participation Code (known as the Code)

WEL Connection and operation standards

  • Section 2.6 of WEL's Network Connection Standard (Distribution Code) outlines our connection standards for distributed generation.
    • WEL's full Network Connection Standard (Distribution Code) can be found here.
    • Inverters used to connect energy systems to WEL's network must comply with one of the following standards:AS 4777.2:2005

        -  Application can be accepted under Part 1 of the Code.  A list of compliant inverters which WEL accepts under this revision of standard can be found here; Approved Inverter List - AS 4777.2:2005 - AS/NZS 4777.2:2015

        - Application can only be accepted under Part1A of the Code and special attention shall be made as per Regulatory Guidance Notes from Energy Safety.  A list of compliant inverters which WEL accepts under this new revision of standard can be found on the Australian Clean Energy Council website here:  Approved Inverter List - AS/NZS 4777.2:2015.
  • WEL will continue monitoring the update on the new inverter regulatory requirements and will update the webpage accordingly

  • Safety is the priority for WEL Networks and any systems that compromise network safety may be disconnected without notice.

Regulated Terms

In the majority of distributed generation connections (once completed) the Electricity Authority's Regulated Terms from the Code Part 6.2 will apply. However WEL Networks and the distributed generator may enter into a connection contract at any time and these contract terms shall take precedence. If contracted terms cannot be negotiated and agreed within 30 days following notice to WEL Networks of the intent to form a contract then the Regulated Terms shall apply. Any changes to contracted terms shall be by mutual agreement.

  • A copy of the Regulated Terms can be found here
  • The full Code Part 6 can be found here

connections of more than 10KW