Prior to selecting and planting trees on your property, please think carefully about the location and height to avoid the risk and future costs associated with trees growing too close to electricity lines.

Plan your planting

You can find plants that thrive in our part of the world and are suitable for shelter belts and specimen planting near power lines.

Beware of vines

While they may help soften the look of power poles, they're generally fast-growing and difficult to maintain. Our advice is to keep vines and creepers trimmed to a height of around two metres, or avoid them completely.


Keeping on top of shelterbelts with annual trimming keeps your costs down and keeps the shelterbelt well clear of the Growth Limit Zone. Call our professionals for assistance or recommendations of arborists who are authorised to work around power lines.

Safety first 

If WEL is aware of any immediate danger to people or property due to trees coming in contact with a conductor or if it is a hazard or has caused damage to a conductor, we are obliged to carry out any remedial work to remove that danger.

Treat power lines as live at all times. If you need to trim or clear trees on your property call us first on 0800 800 935.