Half of WEL’s network is located underground. To avoid damage to underground power, you should check the location of underground electricity cables before starting any project that will involve excavation or digging into the ground – find out more at beforeUdig.

This will also avoid damage to other underground services that may be located in the project area such as gas, water and telecommunications, and most importantly, ensure the safety of the people working on your project.

Cable Locations Information

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If you're planning to carry out any building, construction, excavation or other work near our network, we want to make sure you and our communities stay safe.

Please allow a minimum of five working days and we will endeavour to respond to your preferred date. If charges apply, we will ask you to agree to pay before continuing.

Apply for your beforeUdig before you complete this form, at the planning and design stages of your project. The service plans you receive can be used to help assess the impacts your project may have on our network.

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Please select the next available booking date. Due to the high number of requests we receive, your preferred cable location date is a guide only. Please allow up to five working days for your request to be confirmed.

Please supply an electronic copy of construction drawings. You can do this by uploading the file below or emailing a copy to cable.locations@wel.co.nz

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Does your project involve digging or excavation work near our electricity network?

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Safety near our network

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